Tuesday, 5 June 2012

HeroQuest storage box

Ever needed some extra space to store your collection of game-boards and miniatures for your HeroQuest game? Well, have a look at this!

I've collected a HeroQuest set, some extra miniatures, a DragonStrike game set, a Dungeons & Dragons boardgame (with all miniatures), and also bought some extra Warhammer miniatures to add to the game. But I never had room enough in my HeroQuest box to store them all. So, I built my own box!
First, I started thinking about how I wanted it to look, and what I needed to be able to store inside it.
So I laid out all my stuff on my table, and moved them around untill I had a more or less rectangular shape, big enough to fit the HQ board. Then I sketched some drawings and measurements, and finally came up with this design:
The box has seperate compartments for my tiles, my dice, my booklets and counters.
The wooden dividers are all high enough to allow my questbook (a printed version with all HQ quests) to fit inside it. The inner shelf which carries the miniatures and furniture pieces rests on top of these dividers.
I've also made room for my D&D boards, which are placed over my booklets. I've slightly lowered the dividers there as you can see in the pictures.
Here's a picture with (almost) everything placed inside. The gameboards fit snugly in the lid, and are held there by an old thin leather belt.
I've strengthened the corners of the box with metal edges, and glued some felt underneath the bottom ones, to avoid making scratches on tables.

Here are the D&D tiles, you can see some dividers in the corners too, which keep the inner box in place.
A chain keeps the lid open, and fits alongside the inner box, make sure to keep a bit of room for the chain to fit when you close the lid.

I hope you like it!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this box, won't never be tired looking at it :D

  2. Thanks! I'm quite happy with it myself ;) Now to fill it!

  3. Each time I see someone tackle their own HeroQuest chest project, it really pushes me closer and closer to doing my own. This one however, makes me consider allowing for additional content. Originally, I would only have designed a box to fit just HeroQuest and its Quest Packs. But since I've been adding content from other games, it only makes sense to allow the box to fit those contents as well.

    Great work Sjeng and thanks for the expansion ideas!


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