Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Inn expands!

Not only have I finish some card updates, but I've reworked a bit of the site too. Okay, more than a bit, but with all the additions, I needed to separate the different languages of each expansion. Especially since Ye Olde Inn is now host to both 150dpi and 300dpi files.
The North American Game System page is complete. At the top you'll notice links to other Game System versions as well. Same goes for the expansions. The North American versions are the defaults, unless one doesn't exist, than the English version is default. Also complete are the North American Kellar's Keep, Return of the Witch Lord, Elf Quest Pack and Barbarian Quest Pack. Although I have future plans to have printer friendly versions of the EQP and BQP tiles available along with the Un-punched tile sheets. They will be hassle free to print since the tile sheets are larger than standard Letter size. Most printers tend to "shrink to fit" and the tiles will come out too small. (unless you use A4, which I have no files of because I don't have the ability to create anything in that standard, sorry.)
There's still a tonne of work left to be done. Wizards of Morcar Cards are coming and I'm crossing my fingers for this weekend. I'm also going to redo all the quest books (yet again!) so that there are both 150 and 300dpi versions. I'm also aiding Phoenix with some editing as a break from all the work I'm doing. In my spare time, I've got Rise of Darkness slowing coming along again, as well as a few more surprises, so keep checking back. If you scroll down and check the dates, I usually have 'something' accomplished every week.

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