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YeOldeInn's figure exchange July 2013


I’m Spiky and I thought I’d post some quick words about the mini exchanges we’ve been running at Ye Olde Inn’s forum...

I joined the forum last year as I’d come by a copy of the game, and I used to have it (and love it) when I was much younger. My initial reason for joining was to get some motivation for painting – I’ve always wanted a fully painted set and felt I needed to get this done before I started actual playing again. My children are 4 and 6 so nearly ready for some questing! Also, given how I abused a lot of the game components in the original set as a kid, I felt I needed to restore some karma and have a set looking nice!

I’d been away from Heroquest for ages, however 10 years ago I came back into the hobby via the release of the Lord of the Rings range from Games Workshop and once I realised that no-one actually played that game, I got back into Blood Bowl which was another childhood game I used to love. Luckily due to the improvements in the rules from the community and a modicum of support via Specialist Games the game survived over the years and there is still a very strong player base and there are tournaments and leagues to participate in.

The reason I mention Blood Bowl is that the community at have a yearly ‘Legacy Team’ where a race and team colours are selected and participants then sign up to paint a model for the team. One participant then wins the team in a draw.
Coming to Ye Olde Inn, I thought it would be good fun to start a similar exchange of miniatures. At Christmas 2012 we had 5 people participating in the exchange, and here are the results!

The inital exchange generated a lot of interest from other forum members, so we did another exchange to run over the summer months! We had 14 participants for this one, and the results are as follows, with comments from the recipients :) 


I got this AMAZING giant wolf plus scenery from Mako-heart! I've never seen any of the models from the Barbarian or Elf expansions, and didn't even know they existed until I joined this forum so I'm very honoured to receive something this rare! The paint job is really good too, and having a bit of orginal scenery is just awesome :D Thanks a lot! :mrgreen: 



I just received this. It's from Spiky. Thank you very much Spiky!
It's a mercenary with all four weapons included. You may have noticed that the socket in his belly is filled. That's not a problem cause Spiky added magnets so all the weapons stick in place and make the switch from one weapon to another much easier.
Needless to mention what a great paintjob he did as well, you lot aren't blind after all, are you? Love the moustache!


Received this cool Dwarf Henchman from Sjeng, a scout from Clan Battlehammer, complete with a mug on his shield:

Zoom avant (dimensions réelles: 2596 x 1732)Image


The meanest orc this level of the dungeon! - Very stylish in pure black and silver! 8-) 

No name underneath though, and I was so excited I unwrapped it on my way home and threw out the packaging. It was from Brasil though so I'm guessing washi?


Well I can happily say that my exchange mini came in the post today and what a mini it is!!!!! :shock: :o :D 


I got this superb Ogre from Shy Design. 8-) 8-) 8-) 
Well worth any amount of waiting, its fantastic, and is certainly going to kick some heroes about the dungeons.

Love the colours scheme too, which I may continue onto the rest of my own ogres.

Thanks buddy and roll on the next exchange!
(sorry for any moaning about waiting, I AM the worlds most inpatient post waiting person ever)


I got home yesterday to find a package waiting for me... a treasure chest from a far land , across the Atlantic ocean...
I opened it with extreme care and caution... not nowing what lay in wait... a treasure? a hidden trap? a wandering monster pehaps
low and behold... "THE WHITE TERROR"!!! painted by Goblin-King. I was stunned to say the least.
The lighting effects from the fire axe are truly inspired. I have always seen (and drooled) over great lighting effect paint jobs such as this, but have never attempted that technique as of yet... too nervous perhaps. But this mini does it justice and now I have not only a great new addition to my minion ranks but also a great reference source to draw from when the time comes to do some lighting effects of my own!

Zoom avant (dimensions réelles: 1396 x 1051)Image


This is what I got from Wolfie it didn't survive shipping, he also forgot to sign the bottom But I still think its sweet thanks :skeleton: I will get him back together :D 

Zoom avant (dimensions réelles: 768 x 1024)Image


I got a Sinestra, from greenstuff, in a nice red box with a very friendly note from Patroclus:

Zoom avant (dimensions réelles: 2048 x 1536)Image


Worry not tasoe, your package was waiting in the post office for me to pick it up :) I have to say, it was worth the wait. I received this amazingly converted orc. It has arms repositioned and it has new weapons. I can't thank you enough tasoe |_P 


And the paint job... I compared it to mine and, well, I think tasoe did a little bit better paint job than me ;) Thank you


Yesterday I was the lucky recipient of Bruenor's Chaos Warrior in Inferno Armour... 8-) Truly excellent work Bruenor!
Zoom avant (dimensions réelles: 2048 x 1536)Image
Here he is gazing out over the hellscape wilderness...
Zoom avant (dimensions réelles: 2048 x 1536)Image
He will be used frequently :P Thank you very much!


Recevied a very dapper looking Orc in a coat with tails from TMU

Zoom avant (dimensions réelles: 2464 x 1632)Image
Zoom avant (dimensions réelles: 2464 x 1632)Image


This is what I get today from Templar… An awesome conversion of an Orc with a spiked club, an axe, a shield and a cape… Very good job, and thank you for this unique piece.

Zoom avant (dimensions réelles: 800 x 640)Image

And the good don’t stop here... He also sent me the story of this mini on a colorful page like papyrus! It’s a beautiful story, interesting and well written, so good that it feels like I am reading a novel… I can’t resist posting it… Can be easily converted to a campaign, where the heroes will try to find the Orc and restore a missing item... though I don’t have minis for deserts or savage Orcs I could easily do this.


I finally got to bring my newborn home. I'm thinking about naming him Bonesy! Finally was able to get him out of the hands of the post office. Even though he's not an 'official' HQ mini he'll still be welcome. I just wish the photo would have shown the red eye sockets better.

Zoom avant (dimensions réelles: 1024 x 983)Image


Today I received this Orc from IvenBach. I named it Orc in white tights :lol: 
I've seen really good minis so far and I'm looking forward for the next exchange.


We’re now starting the exchange for Christmas 2014, and there’s also rumblings of a furniture exchange for some time in 2014 too. The quality and variety of the miniatures sent and received has been amazing, and it’s been great seeing what the community can do with a brush and paint, not mentioning some of the awesome conversion work that’s gone on as well.

Thanks for reading!

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