Sunday, 15 May 2016

The making of the library by Baramyne

Continuig our adventure to remake HeroQuest's furnitures. This time, we'll see step-by-step how to remake the library.

We first start by make a basic shape made out of plastic card. Then we cover the surface with Duro (greenstuff) and give it a wooden texture by scupting deep veins into the greenstuff.

Once the library got fully covered, Baramyne began to scupt tiny books and all sorts of magical scrolls. A rank of encyclopedia here is in fact a piece of plastic card covered by greenstuff.

In order to make the scrolls, Baramyne made a flat piece of Duro and wrapped it. This technique is perfect to make all kinds of maps, parchment and magical scrolls. Some skulls, a crystal ball and a rat reminds of the orginal artwork painted on the library.

Then the paintings. For the books, he tried to use leather color which actually reminds of old books.

Here again, no special tricks. It is all a matter of patience to paint the tiny books. Don't hesitate to vary the form and size of the books in order to have a credible look.

Thanks for watching and see you next week for the next tutorial!

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