Thursday, 12 May 2016

Have you seen the dwarf lately ?

Download it here (french)
"Dude... Have you seen the Dwarf lately ?!"

Ever tought of exploring an entirely flooded dungeon level ?

All movements reduced by two. All D12 melee damage reduced by -1. Add a few special room and a few traps that can raise the water level by a few feet.

All fire based damage reduced by 50% in this level.

Consider that falling in a pit trap implies taking an endurance test (taking into account the starting value) for each turn a Heroes stays in it, in order to see whether he can hold his breath. A failure means loosing one body point.

The Hero may swim back to surface if wears a Leather Armor. Otherwise if he wears something heavier than Leather armor, proceed as usual.

Similarly, jumping over a pit trap is automatic if the hero does not wear something heavilier than Leather Armor.

As for pit traps, no volcanic pit trap, nor underground river will be found, it will always be a bottomless pit trap.

Find more information here in french or here in English.

Thank you Valnar Nightrunner

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