Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Golden D6 issue #3 released

Coming in at two issues in two months (setting the beginning of a new habit for their releases), the folks over at The Golden D6 have their third issue now available for your downloading and reading pleasure.

What kinds of things can you expect? Well, there’s a look at the Queen Bee Knight from Jeff Tibbetts, a 40k Battle Report from the folks at The Burning Eye (maybe pick up some Visene, guys), a look at how to make Pillbox terrain, a tutorial on painting a Dwarf Slayer from Kujo Painting, and more.

You can get your copy now.

In this issue:

  • A Warhammer 40000 battle report from The Burning Eye
  • Eric the Shed brings us a 28mm Pillbox terrain tutorial
  • An amazing Dwarf Slayer painting tutorial from Kujo Painting
  • Joe Baird‘s back and this time he’s brought monsters!
  • Frozenbeard’s Gallery
  • Plus more …

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