Saturday, 30 April 2016

HeroQuest custom board build by Shawn

We, at YeOldeInn, are always enthusiastic about custom dungeon board. When it is a custom HeroQuest board, it is but better!

A very talented guy named Shawn is currently building one of his own... So jalous!

It is amazing what you can achieve with talent carved foam, foam core, balsa wood and... papers!

We love to delve into old and dark dungeon to find some bookshelves full of old magic scrolls.

Look at this superb paint job. It's even got some old scrolls on the floor!

Brilliant idea for a chainmail !

You can admire the curving technique here in this work in progress.

That is a nasty zombie. Let's shoot it !

That is a nice chandelier there.

Enjoy, like and comment it !

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Michael! I love the Inn's page, hopefully this project will inspire others and contribute in some manner.


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