Saturday, 30 April 2016

5 alternative custom character sheets to write down all your loots!

You played all Game System Quests, found awesome artefacts, bought a lot of Equipments and looted every goblins and skeleton that ever passed your way, but now you lack a good way to keep track of everything ?

Well, then try the four Heroes edition of the Character sheet by Sjeng:
Download it here

You have one of those group who like to play it more roleplay ? Then try Maike05's version:
Download it here

You play with Mercenaries ? Then try GimmeYerGold's version:
Download it here

Mortimer from OldScratch's forum also created a bunch of his own:
Download it here

European Character sheet for the Elf, Wizard, Dwarf and Barbarian by Maike05:
Download it here

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