Sunday, 10 January 2016

Christmas 2015 painted figure exchange: results

Christmas has come and gone, and all participants of Ye Olde Inn's Christmas Painted Figure Exchange have sent out their models, and received their surprise miniature in the mail. So let's not wait any longer, and show the loot!

List of participants:
1. tasoe - sent an orc shaman to sajungzak

2. sajungzak - sent a bloody Orc to decipher
3. Decipher - sent a Chaos Warlock to EvilWizardCharacter
 (to be added)

4. EvilWizardCharacter - sent an Elvish Archer to Tasoe

5. IvenBach - sent a Barbarian to Anderas

6. Anderas - sent three goblin archers to Billdask

7. Billdask - sent a Sinestra out of greenstuff to Goblin-King

8. Goblin-King - sent a good old fashioned Orc to Ulver

9. Ulver - sent a Chaos Warrior of Nurgle to Sjeng

10. Sjeng - sent a Chaos Warrior of Electric Magic to guitarhulk

11. guitarhulk - sent an Orc Boss (Reaper Bones Bugbear) to Ivenbach

12. wolfie907 - sent ... to Baylor-Ogrebane
 (to be added)

13. Baylor-OgreBane - sent a mean Fimir to jackyboy

14. Jackyboy - sent an Orc to KnightKrawler

15. knightkrawler - sent an Ogre to mako-heart

16. mako-heart - sent ... to scoundrel
(to be added)

17. scoundrel - sent a christmastree Gargoyle to Wolfie907

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