Wednesday, 11 November 2015

AdventureCraft Dungeons II

About this project

AdventureCraft Dungeons tilesets are print and play PDF files you can use to craft a variety of awesome dungeons with. I want to make sure this is very clear so I am including this on the top of the page. What you actually receive are PDF papercraft files; not a finished product. While I did all the hard work designing the files so it is simply print and cut and glue, I want to be certain people are clear.

Inspired by retro video games I took a slightly different approach to the gritty realistic tiles that are often offered. These are all hand designed graphics that are meant to inspire the fun of those classic themes. These tiles go great with a variety of role-playing and miniature games. I recommend using them with D&D, Heroquest, Super Dungeon Explore (and the new Legends Campaign system coming up, these will work perfectly with it) and pretty much any other game you can think of!

The tiles are designed to print on standard US Letter with 25mm squares. I recommend printing on Matte Photo paper for the best results possible, however even plain cardstock will give you a good finish.

Here are a few photos of the sets used with miniatures from Soda Pop Miniatures, as well as Impact Miniatures. The photos show about half of the tile options from the base set, as well as one of the tiles that will be featured as a stretch goal later on.


All the Tilesets from the first kickstarter, as well as Unlocked sets from this kickstarter will be shown here for you to purchase. Each set is $7. At retail these sets will be approximately $9 for reference.

Dark Castle - $7
Dark Castle

Serpent Caverns - $7

Forest Temple - $7
Forest Temple

Ice Grotto - $7
Ice Grotto

Valleys of Glensdale - $7
Valleys of Glensdale

Victorian Mansion - $7
Victorian Mansion

Fan Photos

If you have a finished tileset from the first kickstarter, shoot me a message and get me a picture and I'll share it here, I love seeing what you folks do with the dungeons.

John Madigan

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