Thursday, 3 September 2015

(Re-) Discover Chaoticprime custom Evil Wizard Deck!

Chaoticprime made these cards to make Heroquest more fun. Mostly more fun for the Evil Wizard player, but also for masochistic heroes (the best kind).

Chaoticprime put some effort into giving the descriptions both the brevity and lingual-style used by the game system, but otherwise unequivocal demands required some changes to the style-guide. Inspiration for these was drawn from the Doom board-game, Descent and the similarly fan-bade and optional Hero and Evil Wizard Combat Card decks found hereabouts and elsewhere.


> The Evil Wizard player begins each Quest by drawing three Evil Wizard cards at random.
> Played cards are discarded face-up in the Evil Wizard deck discard pile.
> The Evil Wizard may play as many cards on his, or the Heroes', turn if the requirements listed on the card are being met.
> At the start of his turn, the Evil Wizard player may draw one Evil Wizard card only if there are no revealed monsters on the board.
> If the player forgets to draw a card, he may not interrupt ongoing play to do so.
> Playing a card must occur exactly when its requirements are met. Once anything else has taken effect, the opportunity is lost.
> When the last card gets drawn from the Evil Wizard deck, shuffle the discard pile and start back at the top again.
> Interrupt Heroes' turns by saying, "However!"
> The Evil Wizard is obliged to read aloud the appropriate portion of each card. However, if a player requests more information, or to see the card itself, kill them.

> Any contextual reference pointing to Heroes also points to Men-at-Arms hired by the Heroes.
> If the requirements of a card describe any one Hero or monster, subsequent references of "the Hero" or "the Monster" refer to these specifically.
> Cards that play 'immediately' interpose between one event and another, and will describe that with "before, after or during."

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Download Chaoticprime custom Evil Wizard Deck here.

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