Saturday, 12 September 2015

[4th] Ye Olde Inn Christmas 2015 Exchange

Back in 2013, we organized a cool mini exchange event for Christmas. The rules were simple:
Each forum member interested in participating paints a model, and sends it to a randomly drawn member as a gift. Only you will know who you're sending to so keep it as a surprise. In return you should also be receiving a gift from another forum member.
This year, the traditional Christmas exchange is organised by Tasoe !

1. People sign up here and I collect the names/addresses up via pm until the end of September.
2. I make a draw so each participant has someone to send to and someone (other) to receive from. (Ideally a non-participant can make the draw for me as I want my sender to be a surprise).
3. People paint something for their recipient, and send it by the end of November.
4. People receive their gift in December and post pictures of them.

1. Participants have to PAINT a heroquest figure.
2. Participants are NOT to reveal their recipient or their sender, until everyone has received their figure.
3. Participants are expected to commit to this. If they can't do for certain, then they shouldn't sign up.

1. Regarding rule 1, I say that the painting part is mandatory. If someone wants to convert something as well it is allowed of course, but the finished result should be painted up.
2. Don't feel like you have to paint something exquisite and that if you are not that good then you shouldn't join in. It's a fun thing and the level of the painted figures is irrelevant. Just paint however you can. It's always been that way, you can read the comments of the previous exchanges.
3. If you finish your figure way earlier than the deadline, hold on to it and send it near the end of November. In any case, please DO NOT post any photo of a received figure before November 30.
4. It's customary to paint your name under the base of the figure you're sending.

Here is an overview of all the Received List from the previous exchange (2013):

Goblin-King - item received!

Goblin-King wrote:Here it is!

A little drummer orc pa ra pum pum pummm!


Spiky - item received!

Spiky wrote:I received this amazing Ice Gremlin! It's a very rare model and very nicely painted, but when you look at it closer you might realise that its...
100% Sculpted from milliput!


Only one exchange participant is insane enough to do this, and I humbly thank that person - this is an awesome model! :D

Bruenor - item received!

bruenor wrote:Image

My exchange mini came in the post today, and what a wonderful one it is, the person who did it is very skilled and imaginative.
Just glad it's not my chestnuts he's roasting on that fire lol.

Thank you ever so much he's superb!!!

chaoticprime - item received!

chaoticprime wrote:Just got landed-awesomeness care of Spiky. Will take a photo when I can, later. Very well done, sir.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 768)Image

TMU - item received!

TMU wrote:Image
I really like the darkness of it, the skin parts are dark red :)

drathe- item received!

drathe wrote:I received this little treasure in the mail today...Zoom in (real dimensions: 1000 x 746)ImageZoom in (real dimensions: 1000 x 746)Image

A nice modified Wizard from...

tasoe - item received!

tasoe wrote:I received my figure yesterday.
Let me present it to you.

A classic picture with monsters:
Zoom in (real dimensions: 1000 x 689)Image

Wait a minute, who's that all the way in the back, is he who I think he is?
Zoom in (real dimensions: 917 x 1024)Image

Yeah, baby! It's *mother hugging* Morcar!
Zoom in (real dimensions: 912 x 1024)Image

I don't need to say more. This figure speaks for itself.
I thank the person who sent it to me, maybe you guys could guess who it is.

Big bene - item received!

Big Bene wrote:OK, here they come:

A very original package:

Packed with care:

And it is...

An ice gremlin santa! Very fitting! And he's got a reindeer, too! I love how he made the antlers out of a jawbone :skeleton: :mrgreen: 
Also like the dog, where is this figure from?
Moreover, with the greenfaced Santa and the dog in costume, I think there is a Grinch reference.
The translucent ice staff is magnificent (one piece broke, but I think I can easily fix it).
Thank you very much!

Maike05 - item received!

Maike05 wrote:Hello guys, here is what I got this week in my mailbox back in Brussels, Belgium :D 

Hope you'll all be very jalous ! :D 
Zoom in (real dimensions: 1222 x 689)Image
I did not get one mini.... but THREE ! :goblin: But hey ! They look unarmed !
Zoom in (real dimensions: 1222 x 689)Image
MMMhhh, What's this deary ?
Zoom in (real dimensions: 1222 x 689)Image
It seems you can equip them with those !
Zoom in (real dimensions: 1222 x 689)Image
The Badass Team ©

Patroclus - item received!

Patroclus wrote:I know many of you will hate me, but I have to say that I was a really good boy in 2013… This is what I get today… Just amazing work… My photos can’t show exactly all the details… The only thing I could tell is that you can’t recognize where the one color starts and where it finishes.

Do you also want to participate this year ? Nothing easier ! Just subscribe here


  1. Hmmm... Where's sign in linky?
    *looking for HQ mini *

    1. Hello demi morgana, just follow the link at bottom of the post to subscribe. Cheers


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