Sunday, 23 August 2015

Machinist's Tool Chest - HeroQuest Box by Whitebeard

I have been admiring the HQ chests that some of the members have built. But I don't have the time to attempt the perfect box (or the skill). Instead I started looking at machinist's tool chest. My objective was to have something that keeps the dust off of my painted miniatures and can be used for quick access during game play. For $65 I think I just about nailed it.

The box looks nice enough. I'll be putting a nice big logo on it later.

The whole thing is felt lined. The top has lots of space for oversized minis (two Reaper dragons, three GW river trolls, three GW spirit host, and two GW chaos warrios are in there. I also have the quest books, manuals, and a few unopened minis. I'll add some foam if I plan to take it anywhere.

The front folds out to reveal 8 drawers. The front piece also slides in and out of the way (not shown).

Two drawers are very large easily fitting all of the furniture into just one of them… so plenty of space to the Twisting Catacombs Kickstarter?

The other six drawers are small and low profile (4 shown here). All of the drawers have no stops on them, so they just slide right out like trays.

I also added furniture felt pads to the four corners on the bottom to prevent scratching my table and floor.

The only things that do not fit in the box (unaltered) are the Armory and Game board. I use a re-printed 30mm game board anyway, so I keep that separate. And eventually I will re-print a slightly modified armory.

You can find this chest on e-bay for about $100. But I found the best price at Harbor Freight at $65 after using one of their 20% off one item coupons. I had never heard of the store before, but I guess they are quite common in the US midwest.

See more and at YeOldeInn's forum !


  1. This is pretty slick! Thanks a lot for the quick run down. I will have to see if I can hunt one down myself. This will be great for the extras for our games.

  2. I love this idea! It gives me the thought of building a machinist chest in the likeness of a treasure chest.


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