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Mantis Creations storage boxes Kickstarter

The reboot of Mantis Creation's second Kickstarter features specially designed storage boxes for Zombicide and Myth. You can also get multiple boxes for additional Zombicide game boxes and models, or even for any other miniatures you own. Go check it out! More info below.

The Zombicide base box has the following trays:
-40mm full tray for tiles, dice, cars (and possibly tents) and large rooms (100x100mm such as the watchtower from P.O.). This holds up to 17 tiles (9 from a base game + 2x4 from an expansion)
-40mm half tray for all needed tokens and 3 slots for cards, that you can take out and place on the table, ready to use! Sleeved cards fit as well.
-40mm half tray for player dashboards, 2 slots for more cards and 6 big slots for models (abominations fit here!)
-23mm full tray for zombies and survivors, holds 56 models
-23mm full tray for zombies and survivors, holds 60 models


The bigger pledge levels also have special trays for abominations and fatties:
-23mm half tray for fatties, holds 4x6 models
-23mm half tray for abominations and barricades, holds 3x5 models (or you can put 2 survivors in 1 slot for example)

There's a bigger double box, that holds two base games and either 2 expansions or 1 expansion plus lots of extra survivors and/or boxes of zombies.

It doesn't stop there, as there will also be an additional single box for extra models, when combined with the double box will hold all retail boxes, up to Season 4 (assuming S4 will roughly be the same as S3). And for the collectors, there's also the option to get 2 double boxes that will hold just about everything there is. Guess what I'm going for?

For people needing storage for Myth, there's also three sets of boxes.
- Myth loadout 1 has room for the first Myth game (Captain pledge) with some room to spare
- Myth loadout 2 has room for the KS1 Captain + KS2 Minion pledge levels
- Myth loadout 3, pictured below, has room for KS1 Captain + KS2 Minion pledge levels + extras, such as the optional addons and/or Acolyte level extras.
It should be noted though that the LARGE TILES DO NOT FIT inside the boxes, because they are simply bigger than the size of the Mantis box. But Mantis has been talking about producing bags that hold these foam trays as well, and hopefully those bags will be big enough to squeeze in the tiles in a compartment along a side of the bag perhaps.

And good news for those who just want some generic model storage: the 3 most successfull cases from the first kickstarter will also be available:
- single box with 4x 30mm trays that hold 36 heavy infantry
- single box with 5x 23mm trays that hold 56 infantry
- single box with 5x 23mm trays that hold 60 infantry
- single box with either 4x30mm or 5x23mm Pick and Pluck trays
Also available in a double box, and even a combined 2 double boxes with a discount!

Here's my gallery of cases, should you want a better look at these boxes. With all those new Zombicide and other miniatures games coming out this year, you're gonna need some of these!

I've made some excel sheets with model counts for Zombicide and Myth:

Zombie loadouts
Myth loadouts

Download these sheets, figure out what you own, and select the right loadout for that.
Note: obviously you can use larger slots (i.e. for Abombs and fatties) for smaller models too.

Here's an example of a P&P tray, 50mm deep, for captains and commanders. Because the tray is 50mm deep, you can stand them upright, and squeeze in 35 models like this:

Pick and Pluck tray, 50mm deep, 19x27 plucks of 13x13mm. Fits up to 35 large models.
Pick and Pluck tray, 50mm deep, my personal layout for the Myth (mini)bosses from the first KS.


Q: Do the card slots hold sleeved cards?
A: Yes, they do, for both Zcide and Myth.

Q: Where does everything go in the Zombicide boxes?
A: Most is explained on the KS page, but I'll give you some pointers on how I did it (See the animated gifs, and here's a link to some images)
- Survivors, walkers, runners, crawlers, dogz go in the smallest slots
- Fatties can go in the small slots as well, but there are also special fatty trays for those (4x6 slots 23mm deep). The wider posed survivors can also fit in there nicely.
- The huge Abominations from Rue Morgue can fit in the bigger slots next to the tiles.
- Barricades and Crowz fit perfectly in the Abomb trays (3x5)
- Tokens in the token tray obviously, as well as the cards I use most. I put my spare cards in the ID card tray. If you need to store even more cards, you can simply use a bigger slot next to the tiles, and use the foam block you pulled out to cut it to size, place it back, so the cards won't move around.
- 3D Doors can be stored in a larger slot alongside the tiles.
- Tents can either be stored with the ID-cards, or by cutting out a divider in the bigger slots next to the tiles. (or wherever you have spare room left).

Q: Where does everything go in the Myth boxes?
A: See the excel file I made. There's quite a bit of customization possible here, but start with putting the little ones in the smallest slots, then the lairs in the 4x6 half tray (same as the Zcide fatty tray, but 30mm). Some of the wider minions fit there as well. Captains and Commanders and some minibosses go in the 36 heavy infantry trays and/or in P&P trays (see above image). Bigger minibosses and bosses also go in the pick and pluck trays. I've managed to fit 11 rather big ones in there. Note: I have no idea if the Ice dragon from Journeyman will fit! Nor the Kraken! They might, they might not. 50mm is the deepest P&P these boxes have, so if the models aren't much taller, they should fit.
Now the cards & tiles trays have the option to either hold more tiles, or more cards and tokens or models. That's where this box really shines: if you got extra tiles, take out the foam and store the tiles. If you got more models, leave the foam dividers in and put the models there.
I put my tokens in some of the 36 heavy infantry slots, but you can really put them anywhere you want. You could put them in baggies and use the P&P tray, or cut out some dividers anywhere and put a small plano box with the tokens there. The card slots also work if you have room left.
If in the end you still need room for extra models or whatever, just grab another single box with 5x23mm 60 infantry trays or 4x30mm heavy infantry trays.
(Note that the biggest tiles 10x10 do not fit inside these boxes.)

Go check out the latest Kickstarter here!!
Mantis - Storage For Zombies And Mythical Minions -- Kicktraq Mini

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