Friday, 27 March 2015

Myth Journeyman Kickstarter

For those who love Dungeon Crawling and RPG's, and of course heaps of miniatures, check out the latest Myth kickstarter:

The new expansions take you into the Blackwall Warrens and to the sun-kissed shores of the Shores of Kanis. Myth is a cooperative game for 2 to 5 players developed and published by MegaCon Games. Blackwall Warrens and the Shores of Kanis expand and update the world of Myth with Journeyman Heroes, terrifying new monsters, exciting new weapons and armor sets, and a revised rule set and cards.

Additionally it should be noted that the new rules have been penned by the hand of Adam Sadler who wrote the rules for both X-Wing and Descent 2.0 for Fantasy Flight Games so he’s done a pretty good job on them!

Thankfully, this project is also EU-friendly!

There are already TONS of stretch goals unlocked, and with 45 hours to go, the last 2 days may get crazy and unlock a whole lot more. So stop waiting and lurking, but pledge now! Myth has just gotten a whole lot better.

What is NEW!

There is a lot of new.
  • 5 "light" Journeyman Hero decks (Shores of Kanis)
  • 5 "dark" Journeyman Hero decks (Blackwall Warrens)
  • New Heroes: Swashbuckler and the Outsider
  • Commander class monsters
  • New Bosses, Mini-bosses, Captains, and Minions
  • Orange tier weapons and gear
  • Gold tier armor sets
  • Dual wielding
  • Malice pool
  • Myth Module System
  • New realm tiles
  • New traps
  • New titles
  • Capture and Interrogate rules
  • Bar Fight alternate game mode

What is UPDATED.

  • 2nd Edition rules  
  • All base game Hero cards
  • All KS exclusive Hero and item cards (Trickster, Skald, Spriggan) 
  • All base game item cards 
  • Trap deck
Over the last year, MegaCon has been able to focus on the Myth base game. They've updated the rules, which you can download below. They are more streamlined and function like more traditional board game rule books.

There are also new Module packs, that give you 2 realm tiles, cards, miniatures and quests of a certain enemy type. They can be bought seperately, but there's also an AMAZING deal to get them all, for the cost of just 4 (out of 8!) modules. Plus, there are some great optional buys, such as coloured dice, extra quest and item card decks, minibosses, bosses and heroes, and a luxurious hardcover book with the updated rules, lore, artwork, a starting quest, an exclusive module and even painting tutorials! If you missed the first Myth kickstarter, there's also an addon that gives you all the extra models from the stretch rewards of the original kickstarter.

Heck, this is worth backing for the models and tiles alone, even if you don't like the game itself. But I'm sure you will, with these updated rules! Spread the word, share, like etc.

And should you need storage for your painted miniatures, also check out the Mantis Foam Storage kickstarter.


Bar fight unlocked, so be sure to add Tile Supplement #1 if you don't already own it for the cool Tavern Tiles you can use for this mode.

Oh, and did I mention ULTRA-BOSSES?

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