Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Seb's WHQ Dungeon Tiles

Here's some exciting news from Sebastian (Seb over at Ye Olde Inn) and his work on custom Warhammer Quest tiles.

The Future of My Dungeon Tiles

Hi there!
At some point you picked up one of my Dungeon tiles, either as a free download or purchased collection. Thank you very much. :)
I am contacting you briefly today to announce the free to download page on my website Eastern-Empire.com has been relaunched:
All dungeon tiles are free and there are now two new tiles; the Shadow Keep & Wilderness Encounter.

Your support so far has allowed me to host these high resolution files and add even more. If you like them, say Aye! Donating to help with hosting and a shouting a beer for me!
Good Game and happy adventuring, thank you for your support so far and enjoy the coming tiles!
- Sebastian.

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