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Warhamer Quest - Random Dungeon Generation table a Dungeon Master aid




About This Table:
  This table came about when I got fed up of using cards to generate a dungeon. This document not only should provide some variance to the shape of the dungeons you explore, but also some interesting role-playing characteristics to each room. It is primarily for use by GMs who cannot be bothered to create a dungeon beforehand or want to put as little effort as possible into creating each dungeon, but it could also be used by players with no GM, who simply wish for a more interesting game. It is up to you what you make of this table. For example, if you roll up a small lair with straw, which is empty, it could be just that… or is there more to it? Is there anything hidden under the straw? If this is a lair, where is its owner? Is he waiting in ambush for the warriors? If you find a guardroom with monsters in it, ask yourself what they were guarding. Maybe there is some kind of treasure near-by! Anyway, I’ve waffled on enough now, so farewell, and if you feel like sending me any feedback, please do not hesitate. I will attempt to answer any questions as best I can.



  This is the table you roll on to start off with. Follow the instructions, rolling on each of the sub-tables as required. When a full description of the room has been created, return here to start the next room. Each room will have at least one door (the door the warriors came in by) and other doors as indicated. Place the other doors wherever you wish.
Small Room (2 by 2) with 0 other doors
Go to ‘Sub Table One’
T-Junction with 2 other doors
Go to ‘Contents Table’
Right Turning Corridor with 1 other door   – 
Go to ‘Contents Table’
Ordinary Room (4 by 4) with 1D3 other doors
Go to ‘Sub Table Two’
Corridor (6 by 2) with 1D3 other doors
Go to ‘Contents Table’
Left Turning Corridor with 1 other door
Go to ‘Contents Table’
Rare Room
Go to ‘Sub Table Three’
Objective Room (4 by 8) with 0 other doors
Go to ‘Sub Table Four’


  In this table, the description of the small room you have generated is discovered. If a prisoner or dead body is discovered, roll on the random monster table in the Role-play Book. Once this table has been rolled on, advance to ‘Contents Table’.
2TreasuryOne treasure card within this room
3CryptOne dead body within this room
4CellWith (1-4) a dead body; (5-6) a prisoner
5LatrineWith (1-3) a grate; (4-6) a hole in the floor (eww!)
6-7   No notable use
8LairWith straw
9StoreWith one cupboard
10Garbage PitWith (1-2) lots of rubbish; (4-6) a hole or chute
11WellOn a roll of 6, the room is flooded (trap opportunity?)
12ShrineWith candles


  In this table, like the last one, the description of the room you have generated is discovered. This table is for larger rooms than ‘Sub Table One’, so the uses are going to be more varied and probably also easier to manipulate to the GM’s own devices (e.g. a library could have trapped bookcases, magic books, a secret passage triggered by removing a book, etc.). Again, if a prisoner, dead body or group of guards is discovered, roll on the random monster table in the Role-play Book. Once this table has been rolled on, advance to ‘Contents Table’.
3CryptWith (1-3) 1D6 dead monsters; (4-6) a stone tomb
4Kitchen With 1D3 cupboards
5Chapel With candles and (3+) an alter
6PrisonWith 1D3 prisoners (and all other doors are locked)
7Gambling DenWith 1D2 tables and (3+) one item of treasure
8Drinking DenWith 1D3 barrels of ale and various mugs; (5+) Table
9-10LairWith straw and blankets
11-12  No notable use   
13-14Guard RoomWith guards
15StudyWith one table and one chair; (5+) Bookshelf
16LibraryWith 1D3 bookshelves
17Dining RoomWith 1D3 tables and 1D6 chairs
18ForgeWith tables and one fireplace; (6+) Lava pit


  This table determines the rare room you have come across. The moment a warrior enters a chute, he falls and slides down the corridor to a room below. Once this table has been rolled on, advance to ‘Contents Table’.
1Chute going down (2 by 6), with 1 other door
2Stairs going down (2 by 6), with 1 other door
3-4    Dead End (2 by 3), with 0 other doors
5Collapsed Passage (2 by 6), with 1 other door
6Stairs going up (2 by 6), with 1 other door


  This table determines the objective room. Once this table has been rolled on, roll three times on the ‘Contents Table’.
3    Fighting Pit    With one large pit
4TempleWith one item of treasure; (4+) Alter; (5+) Font;   (6+) Statue 
5TreasuryWith 1D3 items of treasure
6      Master LairWith Straw, Blankets and Feathers
7CryptWith one tomb and one item of treasure
8JailWith 1D6 prisoners (all worth 100xDL gold each)
9ForgeWith one fireplace, 1D3 tables and 1D2 items of  treasure; (3+) lava pit 


  This table determines what the warriors will find in each room… or what will find them! >:) Unless a trap is found, there is no need to roll on any more tables in this document for this particular room.
1TrapGo to ‘Trap Table’
2-4    Monsters    Roll once on the random monster table
5EmptyNothing in this room
6TreasureTake one random item of treasure


  I’m sure any experienced GM could come up with his/her own traps, but just in case, here are a few basic ones.
2     Crushing Trap      (1-2)  Roof; (3-4) Walls; (5-6) Floor
3Filling Trap(1-2) Sand; (3-4) Water; (5-6) Slime
4Block Trap(1-3) Rolling; (4-6) Sliding
5Portcullis Trap(6+) Magical
6Blade Trap(1-3) Spear; (4-6) Scythe
7Dart Trap(5+) Poison
8Pit TrapWith spikes, stakes, snakes, water, slide or none
9TrapdoorAs pit but more concealed; (6+) Closes after triggered
10Bomb Trap(1-3) Fire; (4-6) Gas
11Gas Trap(1-2) Sleeping; (3-4) Poison; (5-6) Hallucinogenic
12Magical TrapAny random spell

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