Sunday, 8 June 2014

Watch tower model by Oleg

This is Oleg's recently built, watch tower model. It was built over a period of a few weeks, in June and July and is destined to play a part (as far as I understand) in a fantasy role playing campaign. It is a dual purpose model, capable of representing both a well maintained tower, or a ruin. It has no direct historical reference, but the roof is inspired by various Eastern European buildings.

When I saw this model, unpainted but more or less complete, I realised that it demonstrated how to build my Norman style castle without the heavy use of polyfilla. Oleg had built a previous, far larger tower, but that was cylindrical and my mind didn't quite make the connection to a Norman fortification. As soon as I saw this model, the seed which had lain dormant in my mind was watered and began to grow! The image below shows the lower level wall which was my primary source of inspiration.

The basement level; Oleg uses a lot more sand in his
models than I do and with this model, the inner walls
have been given a coat of sand to provide texture.

All the various component parts, unpainted...

...and painted. Note the basement level features a well
and the entrance level features a fire place. There is also
a chimney that climbs up through each level.

The roof in progress with its double angle slope
and belfry.

The tower in ruin mode; grounded...

...and painted.

Rear view. Note the wall beneath the arrow slot
shows signs of having been repaired at some point
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