Saturday, 21 June 2014

Saturday Night Dungeon: The Forgotten Legion

After escaping the clutches of the Witch Lord, our four heroes must escape the dungeons. But will they survive the onslaught of... The Forgotten Legion!?

It seems I did not take any pictures of this quest, so I'll try to recall the events. I made some pictures afterwards from memory, just for having something nice to look at ;)

 The heroes arrive at the end of a long, winding staircase, and step into an empty room. They search for traps, but find nothing, and so the Wizard searches for treasure, and finds some gold. A door opens into a tiny corridor, with another door.
 The Barbarian takes point and opens the door. It is the center room, and it's filled with undead!!!

Two rows of skeletons, 4 mummies, 4 zombies, 3 chaos warriors and a captain by the name of Skullmar are standing perfectly still in the room, with just one straight path between them to the next door. They seems to be encased by a glistening, icy layer of sorts, frozen in place.
 "okay, okay, I know what this is" says the Barbarian, "we enter this room, and suddenly all these undead spring to life, and attack us, right Morcar?". Nobody answers... "Yeah, it probably is. You go ahead, Dwarf. I'll back you up!"

"Oh sure, send the Dwarf in first" he mumbles, and takes a carefull step inside. "Can't even search for traps" he sighs, and moves on one tile at a time, just waiting for some trap to go off, or some movement from the undead around him. But nothing happens...
 Now the Elf heads in, and passes the Dwarf. She reaches the next door. "Should I open it?" she asks. "It might be the trigger" Eddy Wizzard warns. "And I need to get to safety first, being all squishy you know."

"Well then, you stay back here, and I'll block the way" Sjengis says, "if needed, Butch and I can attack from both doors, and you and Elly give us backup with some spells". "Allright, here goes" says the Elf, and she carefully opens the door...
 Sweat drips from their foreheads. Then all of a sudden, the ice shatters, and the undead start to stir! "I KNEW IT!" Eddy wails, "WE'RE DOOMED!". The undead waste no time blocking the path between the Dwarf and the Barbarian, and attack from all sides. Both take a point of damage from a skeleton, but fend off the other blows. Elly meanwhile shoots a zombie creeping up from behind her in the corridor.
 At this point, it got a little bit tedious, as the Dwarf and Barbarian both retreated behind the doors, attacking whatever was in front of them.
 If they killed an enemy, another took its place. If they didn't, then they got attacked by it, and then the attacking udead moved back and let another move in and attack.
 So it boiled down to trying to kill as fast as possible and taking just 1 attack, or failing to kill something and get hit twice. Eddy cast Rock Skin on Sjengis, and Courage the turn after that, granting him extra defense and attack dice.

 Some body points were lost, both healing spells were used, even a potion. The Rock Skin potion lasted a few rounds until Sjengis got hit, but the Courage spell had him shattering skeleton after skeleton. Eddy used his Genie on Skullmar, who took some damage, but managed to stay alive.
 One chaos warrior got felled by Eddy's Fire of Wrath spell, but he couldn't use his Ball of Fire with Sjengis standing in front of him.
When just a few mummies and Skullmar were left on the board, the heroes made a run for it. The mummies pursued, but could only move 4 steps at a time
 Skullmar headed the other way. "He's escaping!" Elly shouted. "I'm out of offensive spells!" Eddy cried, huddled between the others. "All right, all right" Sjengis sighed, "cast swift wind on me Wizard, and I'll see if I can reach him in time".

 Enchanted with Swift Wind, Sjengis rolled more than enough to run back through the center room, passing the mummies, and hitting Skullmar in the back with his giant Bastard Sword. Still enchanted with courage, he lopped off Skullmar's head, which stared at him evilly, even when laying on the floor. His body continued flopping around. "Ugh, undead..." Sjengis spat.
 He remembered he still had some vials of holy water, and threw both at the mummies on his next turns, while heading back to the others, who had ventured on, finding nothing but some traps and empty rooms. The last mummie could not catch up, and as the heroes searched on for an exit, they found some gold coins, another scroll and a new healing potion.


Tired from a long battle, and bored from searching empty room after empty room, the heroes stumbled upon the exit door. "What's next this time?" the Dwarf asked. Find out in the next HeroQuest Adventure!!!

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