Sunday, 29 June 2014

Overland Tiles continued some more...

Okay, so I've done some 'mud' tiles and some of the tiles that have water areas in them. The mud I did by outlining the mud squares of the tile with thick globs of Lustrian Undergrowth textured paint, then blobbed out the mud areas with Stirland Mud textured paint. Once dry, I drybrushed with Karak Stone, washed with Agrax Earthshade, then drybrushed a bit again with Karak Stone.

For the water areas, I outlined in Stirland Mud, drybrushed in Karak Stone. This left the water parts in a sort of ditch, which I painted Fenrisian Grey, then splotchily painted the middle in Lothern Blue, then the very middle in The Fang.

I then washed the tiles in Agrax Earthshade, even brushing some over the water area, to dirty it up a little bit. Then I applied three coats of gloss over the surface of the water. I did this with a Wash brush, loading it up with gloss, then plopping a big drop of gloss in each square. I then brushed it around to coat the surface, waited for it to dry, then repeated. In the end, it has a nice slightly ripply surface to it. Anyway, here's some pics!

And here's the bits I've finished so far:

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