Saturday, 4 January 2014

Saturday Night Dungeon: The Last Gate

Christmasday, and time for another epic quest! Huzzah! This time out heroes venture towards the Last Gate. What will lie ahead? We decided to start using the NA rules and monster stats to increase difficulty...

The Elf carefully enters the dungeon, and searches for traps. The way is clear. Two doors are nearby. The Dwarf heads to the southern door, and opens it, revealing a room with 5 skeletons at the ready!
Sjengis Khan the Barbarian rushes in next, and completely fumbles his attack!
While Eddy Wizzard stays outside next to the Dwarf, two skeletons attack the Barbarian. One is deftly blocked and the other misses.
Elly the Elf quickly enters the room and shoots down one skeleton. Butch the Dwarf kills a second one, and Sjengis slays a third.
Eddy feels invigorated by the others, and heads in, attacking a fourth skeleton, but misses. "Crap", he utters, just before the remaining two skeletons rush at him. Eddy suffers one damage from the attacks.Elly is unable to fire her crossbow in the crowded space with the others blocking her view, so she steps aside for the Dwarf, who kills another skeleton.
Sjengis manages to scatter the last one's bones to the floor and Eddy searches for traps and secret doors, but finds none.
Elly searches for treasure, but stumbles upon a trap and suffers one damage.
Butch opens the next door, and carefully examins the tile behind it for traps. It is safe, so Sjengis enters and examines the rest of the room for traps. When the all clear is given, Eddy enters the room. Elly looks for treasure again in the new room and finds 25 gold under the table this time.
Butch opens the next door and finds two skeletons and a mummie waiting for him. He runs straight at the mummie, ignoring possible traps, and swings his bastard sword at it. But the mummie manages to block his attack and suffers no damage. The Barbarian rolls two movement, meaning he can't move due to the 2 movement point penalty from his heavy plate armour.
Eddy wisely waits his turn... One of the skeletons heads for the Barbarian who is blocking the door, and scores two hits, but Sjengis blocks them both. The other skeleton and the mummie attack the Dwarf, but he easily deflects their blows.
With the skeleton blocking the door on the other side of the Barbarian, Elly must wait her turn. Butch attacks the mummie, but is blocked once again! Fortunately Sjengis kills the skeleton at the door. Eddy waits bravely.
Again, the undead attack, but both are blocked by the Dwarf and Barbarian. The Elf must again wait as the skeleton blocked the door again.
Butch manages to deal three damage to the mummie, slaying it in one fell stroke! Sjengis kills the skeleton as well, and Eddy can safely enter to search for traps. None are found. Elly is once again the first to search for treasure, but finds a wandering chaos warrior! It attacks, but Elly barely blocks its attack. Butch comes to the rescue, and rolls three hits, but one is blocked, leaving it with 1 remaining body point. The monsters are getting tougher! Sjengis's attack is blocked and Eddy cowers in the corner. The following Chaos Warrior's attack is also blocked, and Elly wastes no time firing her crossbow, scoring the killing hit!
Butch opens the door to the next room, and finds an altar with two mummies next to it. He attacks one, and scores two solid hits, reducing it to dust.
Sjengis is less fortunate, as his three hits are all blocked by the now alerted remaining mummie! Eddy pretends he's doing something important, reading his spellbook, waving the others away.
Elly decides to go towards the next door, while Butch dispatches the second mummie with a solid three hits versus no defense! Sjengis makes sure there are no traps, and Eddy continues to mumble in himself as he slowly heads towards the Elf. "Time you stopped lollygagging, wizard!" she says angrily.
Elly opens the door, and is greeted by the evil laughter of Kessendria the Witch Queen and her bodyguards: 5 skeletons and a mummie! "Prepare to DIE fools!" she screams, but Elly has already fired her crossbow at the nearest skeleton, reducing it to a pile of bones. Butch rushes to Elly's aid, but stops short in front of the door. Sjengis is tired of the Elf getting all the loot, and searches for threasure. He is rewarded: he finds 300 gold inside the desk!
Eddy closes his tome with a loud slap, and casts a serious look at Elly. "Observe!" he exclaims, and starts casting his powerful Genie spell. A blue mist fills the room, and a Genie materializes out of thin air. "Kill the hag!" Eddy commands, and it flies towards Kessendria, only to dissipate upon contact! "What!?" Eddy cries "What evil witchcraft is this?" "HAHAHAHAHAHA" Kessendria cackles "yous puny spells are no match for me!". Eddy pouts. Kessendria walks to the door and casts a powerfull spell called Thunderbolt, ripping a blast of energy through Butch and Elly. Butcyh ducks, but Elly suffers one damage! Another skeleton blocks the door in front of Kessendria, and attacks Butch, but he defends well and takes no damage.
Elly must wait her turn again, but Butch kills the skeleton blocking the door. The Barbarian can now enter the room, and attacks the Witch Queen, who suffers one damage, but is not slain yet! Eddy turns to his Fire spells this time and casts Fire of Wrath on Kessendira, taking another body point. "Aha! Not so immune now, are we?" he boasts triumphantly. Kessendria shrieks and casts Tempest on Sjengis, who must skip a turn, and retreats behind her guards. Elly heads into the room and fires upon the mummie, scoring three hits. It can only block one, and falls to the ground defeated. Butch kills another skeleton, and Sjengis is forced to skip his turn, dizzy by the Tempest spell.
Eddy, still angry, enters defiantly, and casts his other offensive Fire spell: Ball of Flame! Kessendria screams and as she curses the heroes, disintegrates in a grey cloud of smoke. "Did we kill her?" Sjengis asks. "I am not sure" Elly says. "Of course I did." Eddy boasts, "we shall never see her ugly features again."

The two remaining skeletons attack Eddy, angry at his insolence, and score one damage against him. Elly quickly dispatches one of them and Sjengis kills the second one.
With the room cleared, Eddy finds a secret door!
A foul smell emanates from the secret passageway. "I think this leads to the Witch Lord's lair" Elly says, "we should explore the remaining rooms before we head on". And so the heroes backtrack to the northern door in the corridor.
Along the way, Eddy casts Swift wind on Sjengis, who is encumbered by the heavy plate armour, and rolls a 12 movement himself. And so they quickly reach a weapons room, guarded by a chaos warrior and two zombies.
Elly fires her crossbow at the Chaos Warrior, dealing one damage. Butch quickly follows, doing two more damage, killing the fiend. Sjengis slays a zombie easily, and the remaining zombie lurches at him, but misses. As Elly explores the northern corridor, Butch utterly destroys the last zombie. Sjengis finds two magical throwing daggers on the rack, and hands one to Butch. Eddy finds no traps in the room, so upon Elly's return from the dead end corridor, they open the next door.
More zombies await! Elly fires and takes one down immediately. Sjengis slays another, and Butch can only move 2 steps.
The remaining zombie tries to bite Sjengis, but he deflects the attack with his bastard sword. Elly steps inside the room and shoots the last zombie down. Butch is again hindered by his heavy plate armour, and with Sjengis in his way, he can only move one step. The Barbarian searches for treasure, and finds a Tempest spell scroll. Eddy discovers no traps in the room, and so they advance to yet another door.
A cabinet with a rat on top is in the next room.The heroes find no traps inside, but the cabinet holds a vial of Holy Water! Handy in these undead infested dungeons.
The last room is occupied by three chaos warriors, guarding a chest. A long battle ensues, and the red Chaos Warrior is the first to fall to the attacks of the  Elf and Barbarian. Eddy casts courage on the Dwarf to stengthen his attacks.
Soon, the purple Chaos Warrior is also slain, but the Dwarf has taken three damage. Sjengis also suffered damage, but Eddy casts his Tempest spell on the last Chaos Warrior, and it is soon killed as well.
Eddy discovers another secret door, and again the vile stench of death enters the room. "I'm betting this passage leads to the same spot as the southern passage" Eddy says.
Sure enough, the heroes find a door into a central room with four doors. Inside are just two skeletons. Wary of traps, Elly steps in just 1 spot, and shoots down one of the skeletons. While the others catch up, the second skeleton attacks Elly and takes away one body point. Elly takes one step back and shoots it. As Butch rolls yet another low movement, Sjengis enters the room as well, and finds two pit traps and NINE spear traps, which he harmlessly sets off. "Good thing we stayed close to the door!" exclaims Elly.
Elly uses her Treasure Without Doom scroll from a previous quest, and finds... Nothing!
The only remaining corridor to be explored leads to a room with a staircase, leading up to the lair of the Witch Lord himself... Butch finds 10 gold in the room, and then our heroes ascend the stairs, the evil stench growing thicker as they go...

To be continued!

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