Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dwarf Slayer, Wood Elf and Gargoyles by Sjeng

Well, here are two of my latest minis... The Slayer turned out well, of course these close ups always make it look a lot worse. It's an old Warhammer metal. The Elf, well, not my best mini. It's one of the Bones minis, and it has so much detail, it's almost impossible to paint well. I think I'll be using a lot of Quickshade on these.

For some reason the matte varnish spray turns up a lot lighter when using flash. Almost looks grainy. But you can't see it with the naked eye fortunately.

Here's what I did last weekend, finished varnishing them on monday:

More pleased about these than my last efforts.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I tried to duplicate the hallway tile look from the HQ board with the gargoyles.
      The other two were made with milliput and instantmold (see tutorial on this blog). They resemble HQ bases in shape, but are a tad thicker, and I've made a texture on top, that I drybrushed grey and brown.


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