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Dungeon Delving: The Rescue of Sir Ragnar (Quest 2)

 photo IMG_0911_zps0817eb66.jpgBy Ivenbach.
After a rest and respite from their first harrowing and deadly quest the original 3 heroes recruit a new Dwarf to join them. Oddly this Dwarf looks exactly like their previous one, coincidence?, I think not. They group decided on giving this new Dwarf the crossbow they bought to see if he would fare any better than the last. Right out of the gate the Barbarian lets the Dwarf take point. He rounds the first corner takes aim and 3 skulls the first Goblin. He heads to the next corner takes aim again and yet again...

 photo IMG_0920_zps49df0aee.jpgIt's at this point that the Barbarian who's married to the Dwarf comments 'This Dwarf's a lot better than the last one I had' earning him a none to happy look from his wife.

The Dwarf peers down the hallway on his right to see a Goblin. For a third time he takes aim and 3 skulls the third Goblin.

The Dwarfs deadly aim kills another victim.

 photo IMG_0916_zpsb7b15349.jpgThe heroes hear Zargon grumbling about 'stupid crossbows...' and take it he's congratulating them on their recent purchase... The heroes Line up to open the first doorway and with ease kill the first 2 Orcs they encounter. Searching for treasure they find a gem that the Elf gladly pockets. Forming up to doorway number 2 the Dwarf again triple skulls the Orc and yet again they heroes hear Zargon mumbling. A Goblin that was left alive takes off screaming an alarm into the next room. The Heroes line up to prepare for what they fear is an inevitable ambush.

While discussing what to do the Wizard backs himself into a corner behind the Elf and the bookcase. The Elf whispers to her husband the Wizard to which he exclaims 'Of course I'm a pussy! I'm the Wizard.' That earned a hearty round of laughs with her blushing a bit. They wait to see what vile attack awaits them at the door. While waiting at the door they are accosted from behind by an ambush of Goblins.

 photo IMG_0919_zpse5d0e791.jpg
Without threat the Goblins are killed and the room searched revealing a gold pouch which the Elf pockets again. The third room reveals another treasure prompting Zargon to comment again on their 'Unbelievable luck'. The group prepares for the next room and storms in to kill the 2 Orcs and rat that were guarding it. Another search for treasure reveals yet another gem. As they search for secret passages they find that the wall opens to a hallway with the statue of a stone gargoyle.

 photo IMG_0922_zps61b9fe24.jpgThis prompts them into a discussion of what to do about the gargoyle. After several rounds of 'looking intently' and 'inspecting closely' to determine the 'aliveness' of the gargoyle the heroes head down the hallway where for the 4th time the Dwarf triple skulls the Goblin. The following rooms were cleared with ease and treasure raided with nary a sight of any hazardous trap or Wandering Monster. The heroes search for secret passages and find one sending conehead the Barbarian in first. He finds himself facing a Fimir, Orc, and lowly rat.

 photo IMG_0925_zpscb28ac8b.jpgThe Barbarian fells the Orc and the heroes eventually take the room. The ensuing search delivers more gold to the party. The Barbarian opens the door to find himself face to face with his clone Sir Ragnar while commenting 'Either this is a mirror or I do believe that's one dead sexy guy'.

As the Barbarian ends his witty comment the party hears a loud boom in the distance and feel the ground shake slightly. They all look at each other and tremble at the thought of a Gargoyle attacking Ragnar causing them to loose their reward. They deftly head off the Gargoyle and vanquish the now living gargoyle ensuring safety and more importantly their reward.

 photo IMG_0928_zpsd02e8a5f.jpg
The parties last glimpse on leaving the dungeon.

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