Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Warhammer Quest Resources

Some of you HeroQuest fans might have also heard of Warhammer Quest. This game was introduced by Games Workshop somewhere in 1995, hoping they would sell a lot of miniatures they later added as addons, along with tilesets and cardsets.
The game is so rare, it costs a fortune if you find a copy on eBay or over at
Fortunately, all resources have been scanned and painstakingly recreated (by Andy Jones I believe) for all to enjoy. All you need is replacement miniatures, a printer (or printshop) and some dice.
You can download all the original stuff from the Base Game, the two addons (Lair of the Orc Lord and Catacombs of Terror), the new Hero character sheets and the three DeathBlow magazines from my DropBox account. Just sign up here, and check my account. Everything you need is in there!

The game wasn't as popular as HeroQuest, probably because of it's cost and complexity, but there are still a few websites dedicated to the game, with some custom resources. I'll post the ones I found here:

Eastern Empire by Seb

Quests of Legend by Talion
Warhammer Quest Tiles by Maike05
Have a look at these websites, there's a lot of interesting stuff to read there. Enjoy!


  1. sorry for posting here, but..i cant pass the goblin/orc/fimir color question at my registration. sure, in brazil we didnt had the plastic miniatures, but i looked at google but still, its marked as spam.

    any idea about how i can register to "ye olde inn" forum?

  2. Looking for Catacombs of Terror PDF. Can you upload again?

  3. You are a legend! Thank you!


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