Friday, 28 June 2013

How to do a 3D board! Part. 1

So I have started working on my 3D board wich is coming on nicely. In the oncoming posts I will show you how I did my board, from scratch till the end. (And I hope it won't take like two years to finish it)

This was the first test that I made with 3D board, walls were high, too high actually, but it gave a nice example of the boards size things.

I went to my mothers school and picked up a good piece of plywood. That was going to be my board! I was exited, but it sucked to do little marks every four centimeters. It took me about an hour 'n' half to finish it. Patience, that's the most important tool you will need + the boards material, pencil and measuring tape.

After putting marks, it's time to make the actual squares. Replace the measuring tape with ruler, and you're good to go. I'm not gonna say this is great fun, I had a sore back after I had lined all the squares.

Then there is only one last thing to do and your basic board is complete, the room lines. I used a black marker to "pop up" the rooms. Worked all nicely. After this take a good look at your board, it looks already cooler that the original one.

You may not notice, but I also added one extra set of squares around the outer walls.

More to come...someday! Till then, HUZZAHHH!!!

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