Thursday, 2 May 2013

Secret Skeleton's Miniatures

I've recently been in contact with the owner of Secret Skeleton's Miniatures, a miniature manufacturer who has a modest but great line of fantasy minis that caters to niche audiences. Some of his new models include 3 frogmen (bullywugs) and 2 lizardmen:

Their poses are very dynamic and detailed, and fit in perfectly with HeroQuest or any other 28mm miniature boardgame. Great for boggy environments and marshes, for all those adventures where fimir alone are just not enough.

Some other noteworthy minis are his Demon Witch and Sea Devils:

Lizardmen, Sea Devils and Demon Witch

They can be ordered via this website: Center Stage Miniatures. This distributor sells minis from other smaller mini companies too. All of Center Stages' miniatures are either original sculpts, or product lines from other companies that went out of business and sold off their assets to Center Stage. Secret Skeleton Miniatures are the only ones Center Stage distributes, but doesn't currently own. Certainly worth checking out, especially if you want something other than the standard GW minis everybody has. They have recently done a kickstarter too (link here)

I've ordered the bullywugs, and as soon as I receive them, I will paint them and post about them here.

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