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The Chronicles of Sir Ragnar: Escape from Ulag

A quest from the Chronicles of Sir Ragnar project at Ye Olde Inn, playtested by The Road Warrior:

Ok, so I was stuck at home today with my eldest 2 boys (Austin 5 & Fraser 4) as my wife has gone to visit relatives. Austin wanted to play Heroquest so I took the chance to playtest one of the quests from the chronicles. Playing HQ with the kids can be fun as they don't play very tactically.....

We decided on Escape from Ulag by Sjeng, I went with Big Bene's edit. I have no mercenaries so we had to use the original heroes. So the cast is:
barbarian= Garmin
elf= Sarymor
dwarf= Sneeks
wizard= Zaphod

Ulag's Castle

Our heroes have been rotting in Ulag's dungeon ever since they were captured at the Outpost at the Mountain's Base. They have not seen their fearless leader, Sir Ragnar, since they were captured. Hopefully he is still alive and being held captive somewhere else.
Finally an opportunity has presented itself, the lone Orc guarding them has fallen asleep within reach of their cell and after several attempts Sneeks manages to steal the cell keys without waking the guard. He unlocks the cell and heads for the door. Garmin goes next, he creeps up on the Orc without waking him and dispatches him whilst he is sleeping. Sarymor moves last and opens the door. The two Orcs in the next room snarl viciously at Sarymor who loses his nerve and runs back into the cell room!!!

Sneeks shakes his head in disgust at his comrade's cowardice before raising his fists and charging through the door to attack the Orcs. His punches are easily avoided by the Orcs who retaliate, taking 3HP from the Dwarf. Garmin and Sarymor charge out of the cell to join the fight but the Orcs again show their experiance in a brawl, avoiding the Barbarian and Elfs punches. Sneeks lands a strong right hook on one of the Orcs chin and decides to make a run for it through the door in the South wall. He charges through the door.....

straight into a Fimir!! :fimir:
The Fimir wastes no time in dealing with the intruder and hits him on the head with his battleaxe. After losing another HP Sneeks promises to stick with the rest of his group in future. Meanwhile Garmin takes a hit from the last Orc (-1HP), this seems to drive him crazy and he lashes out, knocking the Orc to the floor with a powerful punch. He heads off to rescue Sneeks from the Fimir with Sarymor following close behind. Sarymor deals with the Fimir before it gets the chance to attack again. The Heroes open the door to the East and discover another prisoner of Ulag. Zaphod the Wizard joins the group and they head off together to try and find a way out of the dungeon.

They head back to the room with 2 closed doors in and investigate the door in the West wall. "Our weapons" Garmin cries as he bursts through the door, "and only 2 wimpy goblins guarding them!!". The group pushes into the room, fists flying. The Bararian, Elf and Dwarf trap the goblins in the corners but all three of them roll shields!!! The goblins take their chance to do a bit of damage. The 1st :goblin: rolls 2 shields against Sneeks but the second has a bit more luck, taking 1HP from Sarymor. Garmin manages to kill his goblin but Sneeks & Sarymor again fail to roll a skull. Just as the goblin thinks he is going to get another go the Wizard remembers he has a sleep spell which he promptly casts on the Goblin. Sneeks & Sarymor again fail to roll skulls and the Wizard commands them to step aside "Out of my way, I'll show you how to kill Goblins". And he does taking him down with one swing of his fist.
The Heroes each take their weapons and head for the final door. Garmin stumbles upon jewels worth 50 gold coins before he and Sneeks head off down the corridor. Sarymor runs into a wandering monster, losing him another HP. The Wizard takes a swing at the Orc, but misses and the Orc attacks him back, also missing. On his next go, Sarymor steps outside the door and fires his crossbow at the Orc. :skull: :skull: :skull: the Orc didn't stand a chance!

Meanwhile, at the other end of the corridor, Sneeks & Garmin have found a suspicious looking wall and a door. Garmin enters the room and swiftly deals a fatal blow to the Orc with his Longsword. The rest of the group race to keep up with him but by the time they arrive he has already found the secret door and fallen into the pit trap on the other side of it. Sarymor jumps the trap and opens the treasure chest, bagging himself 2 Health potions and a Dagger. The wizard discovers 2 more healing potions in the cupboard and Sneeks sets off the spear trap in the next corridor. Sneeks carries on around the corner and opens another door. Finding another group of :orc: & :goblin: inside he decides to wait in the doorway for the rest of his group to catch up.

This group of greenskins is no match for our Heroes now that they are armed. Sneeks & the wizard ( :shock: ) charge the room while Garmin guards the door and the battle is over quickly. Garmin & the wizard decide to investigate the corridor to the South but don't roll enough movement to open the door. Sneeks & Sarymor carry on through the room and open the door inside, meeting another 2 :fimir: . The first Fimir doges Sarymor's crossbow bolt & the Dwarf rolls 2 shields. The Fimir swing their axe's at the Heroes, Sneeks manages to block one attack but Sarymor takes a nasty wound (-2HP). Sarymor steps back and dispatches 1 of the Fimir with a well placed shot with his crossbow & Sneeks kills the 2nd with a neat jab of his shortsword.

Back the centre room Garmin is forced to charge in through the doorway as the Wizard has stopped outside the door. He retreats into the corner opposite the fireplace and swings his Longsword, landing a fatal blow on the Orc in front of him. The fearless wizard also charges into the room and heads straight for the Goblin but his attack misses. The Heroes get very lucky as both Orcs go for Garmin and he blocks their attacks. The Goblin manages to take 1HP from the Wizard, but he gets his revenge on his next turn. Garmin takes out another Orc with a mighty swing of his sword but loses 2HP from an attack by the last Orc. This final Orc falls on the Garmins next turn and the centre room is clear.

Meanwhile Sneeks and Sarymor have entered a corridor with 3 doors in. Ingnoring the doors to their left they head into the room in front of them. After some exceptionally good dice rolls by Sneeks & Sarymor, and some equally bad rolls by Morcar, the Orcs lay dead. Sneeks searches for secret doors and heads into the next room finding a trapdoor in the ceiling above him. He and Sarymor travel through the trapdoor and come out near in a room with no exit. A quick search for secret doors reveals another exit that leads them back to their companions Garmin and the Wizard.

Poor Garmin has got himself stuck in a spear trap and is being clobbered by an Orc. He is going through the wizards supply of Health Potions pretty quickly but finally gets a chance to hit back at the Orc, and he takes it. The four Heroes head towards the door at the end of the corridor. Garmin and Zaphod run down the stairs as soon as they see them. Sarymor decides to search for treasure before leaving and encounters a wandering monster. Fortunately, Sneeks comes to his rescue and the they follow their companions down the stairs.

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  1. nice play by play. someone gotta paint them figures though! hehe


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