Friday, 19 April 2013

Dragon Strike gameboards

You may have read the recent posts about the use of the Dragon Strike gameboards in HeroQuest games by shy-design. If not, check them here, here and here.)
Several people over at Ye Olde Inn have been looking for these boards, but as Dragon Strike has been out of print (OOP) for 20 years now, they are very hard to find. Therefore I have taken the liberty to scan my own boards and paste them together using photoshop. They are all scanned in 400dpi, and I think they turned out nicely :) You can view and download them here.
If for some reason I need to take them down again because of copyright issues or something, I will comply of course, but I'm assuming copyrights have expired and it's okay to share these scans, as many older boardgames have been scanned and shared over at, which is a great resource for information and pictures of many boardgames.
The original boards are 55,9cm by 49,4cm, you can have them printed at a copyshop. I've printed other boards before on 4 pages A3 format, and glued the 4 pieces together on cardboard. This works great, and might be a better or cheaper solution for some. Enjoy!


  1. I have these original boards. Just the game boards not the full game.

  2. Great work! Where I can download the Boards?


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