Monday, 11 March 2013

Dragon Strike Boards: the Town (2)

A story about the use of the amazing Dragon Strike gameboards for HeroQuest in four parts, written by shy-design:

The second part of the Town board story. Let us continue shall we....

OwlFang has just left the Sloppy Ogre tavern and has decided to head south, as he is drawn in by the large fountain in the center of town.

You make your way closer to the great fountain which seems to be located at the center of town. You take a closer look as see that this structure is more of a monument... to a once great, fierce warrior.. a Barbarian. There is no placard to be found to tell you his name but it is hard not to notice the great sword that is held firmly in the statue's hands, and the fact that it is made of a precious metal... gold perhaps. You decided not to risk being seen by climbing up to take a closer look and make for the nearest building continuing your tour about town.

There is actually a fountain painted in this spot on the actual board... I had decided to make a 3-d version right away... I think this was actually the first thing that I made for this board. It is made form scratch with MDF board for the base, styrene, plasti-card, some lightweight spackle and sand for the texture, and adorned with a mini from Dragonstrike. oh and some water effects resin. To let you all in on a secret this sword is actually the Spirit Blade. and the warrior that wields it is not a statue but an adventurer of the Olde World who has been struck with a wicked stone-paralysis spell from Zargon in days long past. I thought that it would be obvious to my Heroes that... "oh there it is.. there is the Spirit blade..." but that hasn't happened yet. Only a few people in town actually know that the sword is in fact the fabled artifact and in time they will reveal what they know to the Heroes. So I guess its always fun to hide things in plain sight. :)

The sign above this door reads "The Weary Traveler Inn". There is an image of a bed painted on the sign just below the lettering. It is obvious now that the sun has set and the prospect of a warm bed is more than inviting to you at this point... all this adventuring can make one weary from time time, perhaps a well deserved rest is just what you need. The door is unlocked and as you push it inwards you are immediately greeted not by a voice, but by a delicious aroma of cooked meat and freshly baked bread. A portly man stands behind a counter in the opposite corner of the room and bids you welcome. This must be the Innkeeper, the man the little girl told you about in the stable... her father.

Making furniture for some of these rooms presented a few challenges, and I think this room was the biggest one. I knew I wanted something in here, namely a fireplace or a front desk...something that said, well "this is an inn". And that was certainly a challenge because this room is a very odd shape to begin with and the furniture from the HQ set is too big to place in here without getting too congested. Also the roof tile had to make sense too and putting a chimney where I did just seemed to be the right choice. So another piece of furniture from scratch had to be made, and I played around with just making a fire place fit in that weird 3 square wedged corner, but the end resulted in being some strange large hot plate oven top thing... well I have grown to really like it regardless.

You take a few steps in towards the front desk. The man behind it finishes wiping an ale mug clean and gives you a welcome. He states that you look tired and what you need is a warm bed for the night. You give him no argument and ask his price.

*so in game...* Sleeping in the inn is another way to recover lost Body points between quests. You pay one flat rate and stay as long as you want. You recover 1 BP for every turn spent in the bed.

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