Saturday, 9 February 2013

DungeonQuests for iOS and Android !

DungeonQuests is based on HeroQuest(TM), a very popular board game from the 90's. Game mechanics and design have been modified to fit the mobile and tablet platform and bring in more interactivity but the sensations of the game remain intact. (
The game has been built to be extensible and once released I will be able to publish new content, new quests and levels within days. I'm hoping to reach the strong community still supporting the original game, as well as bring in players that never heard of this game before via simple game mechanics and short quests playable during a train ride.
This game has been built on my spare time for the past 6 month, so far self-funded (paid for design and did the programming myself), I need additional funds to bring it to life: marketing materials, mini website, publishing, sounds FX, music, and additional content.


  1. Hi, We've finally picked the official name for the game: Mighty Dungeons! Check out the website here:


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