Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Custom HeroQuest tile base

Ever wanted to put your custom miniatures on a real HeroQuest base ?
Well then you'll be interested in what Seb has been casting for you !

HeroQuest bases !

Tile Base set (5 Bases) - $8.00AUD
P+P Worldwide - $2.65 up to 2 sets.
P+P Worldwide - $5.00 unlimited sets.

Interested ? Contact Seb on the forum.


  1. I think your work is awesome I inspire your working it's a nice planned, Cary on

  2. Thanks for the shout out Maike :)

    Busily using these for my latest HQ additions, adding in some old school metals that suit the HQ aesthetic.

    Tael aka Seb.

    1. np ;) if you find anything else interesting, feel free to share it!


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