Sunday, 7 October 2012

New web series about about HeroQuest !

QUESTing is a brand new comedic web series that will take you with our band of brave adventurers as they battle an evil wizard, orcs, goblins, mean roommates, boobs, and tequila.

The story follows Josh, Devin, Nick, and Langston as they play their way through HeroQuest, a fantasy board game from the 80's. Not only do they encounter orcs and goblins, but also an evil roommate, a nerdy girl next door, and lots of beer. They start looking for an adventure... and they find friendship... Awww...
See the first episode : The Trial !


  1. The opening theme is my favourite part, along with the way the Game Master narrates. The dual personality of the Barbarian/Elf is both disturbing and comical. The dynamics of having veteran players and novices portrayed adds a realistic depth to this comedy series about our favourite board game.


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