Thursday, 25 October 2012

Chibi Dungeon Heroes

Those of you who were at the age of 5~10 during the 80's probably got up early every saturday morning to watch cartoons on TV. And those of you browsing this blog will definately have heard of the D&D cartoon.
Well, if you ever wanted to play a chibi-style dungeon crawler (such as Super Dungeon Explore) with the heroes from D&D, this is the Kickstarter to fund: link here.

This Kickstarter has all the 6 original heroes, plus the small Dungeon Master mage, "Uni" the unicorn, the evil adversary Demon Prince (who looks a bit like "Venger") and his Shadow Demon spy, and many, many more! There are even chibi versions of all your beloved HeroQuest monsters (and a HeroQuest chibi miniatures set pledge level!)

Zombies, Skeletons, Mummies, Bog Demon, a Lich and the Dwarf

New chibi heroes and monsters.

There might even be a chibi Dragon Queen involved! (for sale after the KS with a discount for backers)

 So get over there and pledge! Oh, and there's ponies too, did I mention that? Well, for those who like ponies, there's lots to be had ;)

 And if you just want 1 of everything, use this pledge calculator tool, to see which pledge level is the best deal for you.

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  1. Finally cracked and got a Queen Mo on the second last day. Gives me one of every miniature (two in several cases) and enough extra to build my own Questing Hero level without shelling out extra dough for the Questing Hero level.

    It'll be fun to play HeroQuest with these once in a while. Maybe they enter some bizarre dream world or are cursed by a Witch and become Chibi style...


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