Saturday, 9 June 2012

Saturday night dungeon : Return to Barak Tor (Quest 14)

Well, here's the first post to inaugurate saturday night dungeon section. Here is the story told by Sjeng on the forum.

After a fine night of what we in the Netherlands call "gourmet" cooking (do-it-yourself cooking in wee little pans), we played a little HQ game, actually the last one in the first book, defeating the witch king for the first time.

“Now that you have found the Spirit Blade, you must return to Barak Tor and defeat the Witch Lord. The Emperor has ridden forth to meet the eastern Orcs at Black Fire Pass. If you fail, the Witch Lord will lead his army of Undead and attack the Emperor’s forces from the rear. Then nothing will remain to prevent the forces of Chaos from overrunning the land!”


The beginning...

the first mummy encounter.

After the first few rooms and undead enemies, my inlaws decide to take a different route as me (I'm playing the barbarian and the wizard, they play the elf and the dwarf). The group splits up.

But then I encounter the witchking, and of course, the elf has the only sword that can defeat him... My wife, who plays the DM, smiles inwardly, and shows me an evil grin... RUN, elf, RUN! Fortunately, she arrives in time to save the day, and with that, the first booklet is played through. Next up: Kellar's Keep! :D

Thanks to Sjeng for sharing !!!

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  1. I love it when people show their food in quest reports. You can't quest without great food and it's cool to see what people all around the world consume while adventuring.


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