Saturday, 2 June 2012

How to easily paint flat bases

Here are 2 easy and quick methods to paint flat bases.

Method #1 

  • basecoat the base in black
  • make small rectangle in a dark shade (eg: dark grey, dark blue, etc)
  • if you want, dry brush it with a stiff brush in a lighter shade, but not too light!
  • stamp on with a big stiff brush the base with a green tone to simulate moss
  • Done ! Quick & easy !

Method #2

  • Basecoat the mini's base with a light tone like blueish grey
  • Paint the gridlines and cracks in black with a thin brush
  • Water down the first tone with a bit of black to make it darker and transparent
  • Simply darken the gridlines with it

Thanks to Sjeng's miniatures for the illustrations !


  1. Thanks for posting my mini's ;)
    This is a good way of painting tiles when you don't want evenly coloured bases, or don't have the means or skills to create relief bases.

  2. Great tips. I like the idea of stamping moss with a stiff brush.

  3. Unfortunately, if you match the base to one dungeon room color, it won't match any of the others! ):

    So I gave up (: and used this lazy way for the usual sand base:
    1. Paint the top of the base brown.
    2. Paint glue on top of the base.
    3. Shove the miniature base into sand. Shake off and remove excess sand.
    4. Paint edge of base black, using a chisel tip paint pen.
    5. Paint the sand as desired, or leave as it is.


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