Saturday, 2 June 2012

How to become an official writer on this blog ?

Dear Yeoldeinn's community,

Anyone interested in becoming an official writer on this blog should email a motivated request at

You should mention:
  • your nickname on yeoldeinn's forum (mandatory)
  • your email address that will be used to add you as an official writer
  • what categories of article you'd like to write about
  • an indication about your motivation and time available to do so (once a week, once a month) 
  • if you have one, your blog on Heroquest (this way, we can add it to the blog list) 

You'll then receive an google invitation to be able to write on this blog !

Possible articles may included but are not limited to :

  • Showing cool Hq minis - everyone loves painted minis !
  • Talking about HQ rules
  • Share painting tips
  • Propose new Quest (are simply let discover or re-discover existing ones)
  • Review a dungeon crawler boardgame
  • Talk about upcoming kickstarter
  • Share a cool HeroQuest website
  • Share a new tile for your quests
  • Talk about your deadly adventures (Saturday night dungeon)
  • Propose a poll
  • etc

Current writers:
  • Sjeng (Administrator)
  • Drathe (Administrator)
  • Maike05 (Administrator)
  • Skulmar
  • TMU
  • Dylan Nagel
  • Blackthorn


  1. I encourage anyone who enjoys writing, or showing off their miniatures, quests, cards, etc. to sign up and show the HeroQuest world what you've got.


  2. Checkout Poeple!


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