Thursday, 21 June 2012

Game System Alternates

I first got the idea of adding Game System Alternates for one reason, I met someone who already owned the game of Hero Quest. Certainly when I started to play the game against him I didn't want to play Zargon/Morcar and play the exact same quests he already knows. I had one mission. Go through the entire original game system Quest book and create Alternates that he wouldn't know the map layouts. I decided when creating these alternates to use pretty much the same quest notes and exact number of monsters that were in the original quests. This way the level of difficulty for each quest would remain the same. For the most part for each quest I created as an alternate, you can use the same quest notes from the original game system quest book. In addition to the Alternates I already made I decided I am going to create an additional alternates for each Quest so I will have more choices of which quest to play.

These Alternates can also be played when all four Hero's die and when they must go through the quest again to successfully complete the quest.

The Trial Quest 1 Alternate # 1
The same quest notes from the Game System can be used.

Skulmar's Comments on this quest.

As you can see the setup for this alternate is somewhat similar to the original Quest book.Basically All I did was move the lower left quadrant from the Original quest to the lower right quadrant of the board. You can also see that I moved the upper left quadrant of the original quest that contains Fellmarg's tomb to the right quadrant of the board. I also decided to put the room with the two chaos warriors in the large middle room.

The biggest change I made in this quest is adding a secret door in order to find Verag the Gargoyle who must be destroyed as the objective of this Quest. This way it is more likely that the heroes will be more likely to find the gargoyle last. I  added an additional room here and decided to take one of the Orc's who was originally in the room with Verag as a protector of the door to Verag's chamber.

The Trial Quest 1 Alternate # 2
The same quest notes from the Game System can be used.

Skulmar's Comments on this quest

Choices, Choices, Choices! As you can see with this Alternate the Heroes are faced with many choices on which door to open right from the beginning. The Heroes begin in the large room in the center. From there they must choose which door to open. If they decide to choose the door headed to the right side of the board they again are faced with the choices of three different doors to open. If they choose the door up they are headed off to face the two choas warriors. If they choose to go through the door on the left again they are faced with two more doors to choose from. This layout makes it impossible to find Verag without first finding Fellmarg's tomb. Unless of course a pass through rock is used in the center room which is highly unlikely.

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  1. Having a set of alternates is nice to have in advance. I've had to make a couple impromptu quests when playing with Heroes familiar with the game. Now I can run them through one of these alternates instead. Thank you for sharing them.


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