Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lots of resources coming our way!

Big things are about to happen. Many members of the Deutsch/German community have been submitting scans to complete the Deutsch/German resources.
Members of the HeroQuest community in Brasil/Brazil will be submitting scans of the Português/Portuguêse version released there, as well as taking on the huge task of translating all of into Português/Portuguêse. In doing so, all of will be prepared for an entire translations into all other languages HeroQuest has been released in, should members of various communities wish to assist us in translating as well. You may view our current progress by visiting Português Início.
As stated in the notice above, 300dpi scans will return, but will be replacing 150dpi scans entirely.
Also to come this week will be updates to Dock's Nederlands Characters, IJsmagier and Tempelier.

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