Monday, 28 June 2010

Booklet Formats, Community Forums full of content and discussion!

Been a while since an update notice has been posted here. For those who don't know, several updates have been announced in the forum. Such as the conversion of all the North American Quest Books to booklet format. The rest of the Quest Books will be converted to booklet format in the coming weeks. But if you haven't checked out our community forum yet, hop to it! There's lots more content being posted there that isn't present on the Website, plus new announcements and tutorials.
All the card templates found on the Design & Game Tools page have been updated. They look the same, but should be compatible with more versions of Photoshop.
Two more Agin's Inn Classics are on the way. Big ones too! Dragon's Lair - Dwarf Quest Pack by Chaos Orc and hopefully by the end of summer The Rise of Ramiah by Jesse Sikes.

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