Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Second Anniversary surprise releases!

In celebration of Ye Olde Inn's 2nd Anniversary of keeping Agin's Inn and HeroQuest alive... A special gift is now available for active members of the Ye Olde Inn forum who reach Champion Status.
HeroQuest Against the Ogre Horde ReMastered HeroQuest Wizards of Zargon ReMastered
Ye Olde Inn - January 6th, 2008-2010+.
...What's this? Another surprise release?

That's right! Outpost at the Mountains' Base, the prequel to the Chronicles of Sir Rangar community project at Ye Olde Inn's Adventurer's Guild has finally arrived and is available for download to all on the Quests Page. Take part in the first chapter of Sir Rangar's legacy as Sir Rangar and three of his companions set out to vanquish Ulag, the foul Orc Warlord!

Three times the charm! A third update... Character Cards have now been added. Executioner and Ranger by Crusadar and Vampire by Kaptain.

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