Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Gauntlet tile by Jonathan Usiak, map icons and Contest Reminder

A tile for Running the Gauntlet, a quest featured in the Dave Morris HeroQuest novel, The Screaming Spectre is available. It's been designed by Jon Usiak and is ready for download on his tile page.
Jon has also provided 5 new icons for those who wish to add more variety to their quest maps, or use the miniatures they are based on. Available on the Quest Design page under the Gaming Aids section are the new Archer, Crossbowman and Man-at-Arms for the respective Battle Masters minatures. Also available are a Halberd and Swordsman Sentry for use with the Henchman Miniatures from Advanced HeroQuest.
The Spiked Floor Trap icon I designed has been updated. It looks much better now. I'll be updating a few of my other icons soon as well.
I'm also issueing a reminder for anyone who is interested in submitting an entry into our Quest Contest, or for those who may have old quests they wish to share, now is the best time. We're less than half-way to our final entry deadline. Enter now for a chance to win a HeroQuest Dwarven Pass puzzle!

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