Monday, 13 July 2009

Contest reminder, universal file format and other updates

For those who don't yet know it, our first contest kicked-off on July 1st. Details can be found on the Forum.
It's taken a lot of work and even more time, but the bulk of our files (cards and tiles) have been converted to a universal format to save on storage space. Most of the files remain the same with only minor changes (such as cut lines for the cards and some tile rearrangements). The French Wizards of Morcar cards have been touched up and slightly improved as has a couple of the Dutch cards by Dock. There are still a few files left to convert, but they will be updated over time. Now we can get back to the game and start getting more resources up on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.
Special thanks to Phoenix for his hard work in designing our new splash pages! Check them out at the end of every updated file!

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