Saturday, 17 January 2009

Several Updates

Small update to the Monster Card Templates on the Gaming Aids Page. A second version is also available in the download with a section for Special Abilities.
Right now, I'm working on updates for the Equipment Cards and North American Style Wizards of Morcar Cards. These updates will correct spelling errors and phrasing in the text. I'm hoping to get these up tonight, but if not, they will definitely be available tomorrow.
A new section was added to the Ye Olde Inn Forums this week. A Gaming Group Forum has been started for those who are looking to get together with others in their area to play some games. Sometimes it's difficult to get some games going and there are a surprising number of people visiting Ye Olde Inn who live close to each other, all over the world. There is a section for each of the Countries with a high number of visitors, so hop on the forums, register, and get to know others who live near you!
The Single Quest Collection is just about complete. Phoenix has taken over and is in the process of re-creating right now. Looks like we're on track for a January release.
The Equipment Cards are now updated, as well as all the North American Style Wizards of Morcar Cards (except for the Mercenaries, they aren't in need of an update).

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