Monday, 21 July 2008

Quest Builders' Club at HeroQuest by Phoenix! Local Legends are told.

Want to try making your own Quests and make an awesome game... better? Join the Quest Builders Club on Phoenix' HeroQuest Forum! It's a great place to share your work in progress, receive feedback, learn tips and tricks from experienced quest builders and discover new ideas to use in your own quests. The first volume of a new quest series titled Local Legends is now available for download in the Quest Builders Club forum. This is a series where anyone in the HeroQuest community may build a quest and submit it for the series. There are general guidelines required, as such, please visit the Quest Builders Club forum for more details.
Tiles from the Main System, Kellar's Keep, Return of the Witch Lord, Against the Ogre Horde and Wizards of Morcar are now available in A4.

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