Saturday, 5 July 2008

American style Ogre Horde cards!

The North American Style Ogre Horde ogre cards are now available in two types. One with 'variable' listed as the Body Points for those who like to play with the traditional variable Body Point rules (like me!), and one with Body Point integers listed to compliment Phoenix' Localization. I don't have European versions up yet. Turns out, all the European Edition cards are a millimetre short. Thankfully I only have the Wizards of Morcar ones up so I only have about fifty to change. I'm going to do the Ogre Horde ones first though, then fix the rest.
Once the above is complete, I'll be doing all the tiles and then all the cards in A4 for my friends who are lucky enough to be able to print in the International Standard that we North Americans want, but lack.

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