Friday, 28 March 2008

Expanded section... Expands!

Two new sections (with classic content) have been added to the Expanded Gameplay Links; Rules and HeroQuest PC Games. In rules you'll find Dewayne Agin's Alchemist's Shop and Armoury along with Jacob Busby's Supplemental Rules. More to be added soon. In the HeroQuest PC Game section you'll discover the PC game Gerwin Broers has been developing for the last few years.
I've finished the re-coding of Ye Olde Inn that I began a while back. The changes should be unnoticeable unless I've made a mistake somewhere, in which case please let me know. Not only have I designed Ye Olde Inn to be expanded easily, I've condensed a lot of redundant code into separate files so areas that appear site-wide can easily be altered by editing only one file rather than dozens of WebPages.
Next up will be the Dark Company. Serious this time!

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