Wednesday, 6 February 2008

All resource tiles are online!

All the tiles from all the expansions are now available on the expansion pages. The Ogre Throne didn't turn out so well as mine has been used and placed in the throne furniture piece. This caused a bit of tearing on the edges. If anyone has a nice scan of theirs at 300dpi that they could send me, it would be greatly appreciated. I also do not have English scans of the Ogre Horde Spell Tokens. Again, if anyone can provide a good scan of these at 300pdi, it would be appreciated.
I'm going to redo the Main System Tiles. I've found a better way to do the tiles, as can be seen with the other sets. Other upcoming work will be the Quest Books for Kellar's Keep and Return of the Witch Lord, Wizards of Morcar. It would be nice to have a scan of an uncut back page of the Artifacts for these two sets. 300dpi scans would be ideal if anyone can provide them. In the mean time, I will provide the cut samples. I also do not have an English Quest Book for Against the Ogre Horde. I'm reaching out to the community once more. If someone has a copy they could scan, please send them.

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